Liberty – The state

of being free.

The International Liberty Horse Association (ILHA) is dedicated to promoting the discipline of Liberty training and celebrating Liberty horses, trainers, and competitors everywhere.

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Horse Lifetime Points & Awards Program: Earn awards and recognize the accomplishments of your Liberty horse over his/her lifetime as you compete and place in ILHA classes.

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Become eligible to show at any International Liberty Horse Association show.

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Have your Liberty photo or article featured on the ILHA website, blog, social media or in the ILHA on-line newsletter For the Love of Liberty, only available to members.


Only members can join or start an ILHA club.


Promotion and growth of the Liberty discipline.


Personal attention from ILHA staff though, phone, text, email, Facebook, and Instagram messages to address your questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Organizing the discipline of Liberty.

About ILHA

ILHA has organized the discipline of Liberty with an official competitive structure, competition guidelines, and rules that promote safety, consistency, fun, and creativity for all involved. ILHA will serve as the “Official Governing Body” for members of the Liberty discipline and offer local, national, international, online, and championship Liberty horse shows and competitions. The ILHA Judging System is the official format for judging Liberty horsemanship for its combined technical and stylistic elements while rewarding the highest level of expertise with consideration for degree of difficulty.

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All About You

Here at ILHA we are all about our members. Whether you are new to Liberty, a seasoned veteran, an experience Liberty trainer or just checking it out click HERE to find out how you can get involved, how you can spread the word, how you can submit photos & articles, how you can share your Liberty story and to let us know how we can better serve you.

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Competitions and classes

Upcoming Shows

Having just completed the first ever ILHA Championship show we have some new exciting things in the works for 2020. Click HERE to learn more!

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Organizing the discipline of Liberty.

Pathway to Liberty

Want to learn how to train a horse to work at Liberty without attending a clinic or paying for private lessons? Looking to expand on your existing Liberty knowledge or wanting train something more advanced like the rear or the lay down? Click HERE to find out how.

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