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ILHA Championships FAQs

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When and where is ILHA 2019 Championship Show?

The 2019 ILHA Championship Show will be held on October 18-20th at the Kentucky Horse Park in the Covered Arena.


What are the show prices?

The prices for entries, stalls, etc. can be found on the entry form located on the Home Page AND Competition Page of the ILHA website. The breakdown of fees is as follows:

CLASSES: $35/horse/class
Note: You may show more than one horse per class. Each horse is $35/class.
STALLS: $35/stall/day
PROCESSING FEE: $5 (one-time fee)
VIDEO FEE: $10/person (one-time fee)
Note: Every run will be videoed and a copy provided to the exhibitor.


What is the show schedule?

Entries will close on October 1st. The official show schedule draw and classes will be posted on Friday, October 11th. In the meantime, a broad schedule for the entire show will be released the first week of September.


What are the classes for the ILHA?

All of the ILHA classes are posted under the Competition Page on the ILHA website.  All of the classes are open for entries for the ILHA Championships.


What are the competition patterns for the ILHA classes?

The patterns for each class are listed on the ILHA website under the Competition Page.


How much are stalls?

Stalls at the Kentucky Horse Park are $35/day. This does not include bedding. You will reserve and pay for stalls on the entry form which can be found on the Home Page and Competition Page (Under the Info Tab) on www.libertyhorseassociation.com.


Can I show more than one horse?

Absolutely. You can show as many horses and classes as you wish. You will just need to complete a separate entry form for each horse.


Will there be opportunities to work my horse in the covered arena outside of when I show?

Yes! There will be paid warm ups available Friday morning, and Friday and Saturday evenings. You will receive information on how to sign up for paid warm ups after you have registered for the show.


What about accommodations?

The Kentucky Horse Park has camp grounds on-site, please look on the KHP website for details and to make reservations. There are also many hotels located near the KHP in both Lexington and Georgetown, Kentucky.


How do I get tickets to the event and how much are they?

The 2019 ILHA Championships are free to attend and open to the public. The Kentucky Horse Park does have a $5 parking fee per vehicle per day.


Do I have to be an ILHA member to show?

Yes. The 2019 ILHA Championships are only open to ILHA members. ILHA membership is $45 for an annual membership if you join before the 2019 ILHA Championships and $60 per annual membership if you join after the 2019 ILHA Championships.


Will there be vendors at the ILHA Championships?

Yes. If you are interested in having a booth please visit HERE.


Can I volunteer?

Absolutely! Please sign up to volunteer at the 2019 ILHA Championship show HERE.

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