The International Liberty Horse Association (ILHA) is dedicated to promoting the discipline of Liberty training and celebrating Liberty horses, trainers, and competitors everywhere.

About ILHA


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the International Liberty Horse Association (ILHA)!

ILHA is the original and only recognized association for the Liberty discipline. ILHA was founded by world renowned Liberty Trainer, Dan James and his wife Elizabeth to promote the Liberty discipline and celebrate Liberty training, horses, trainers, and fans everywhere. (Read more about Dan and Elizabeth HERE.)

ILHA has organized the discipline of Liberty with an official competitive structure, competition guidelines, and rules that promote safety, consistency, fun, and creativity for all involved. ILHA will serve as the “Official Governing Body” for members of the Liberty discipline and offer local, national, international, online, and championship Liberty horse shows and competitions. The ILHA Judging System is the official format for judging Liberty horsemanship for its combined technical and stylistic elements while rewarding the highest level of expertise with consideration for degree of difficulty. 

Above all, ILHA will educate and promote the Liberty discipline through its website, publications, shows, competitions, and social media platforms.

The State of Being Free


Liberty training is nothing new. It has been around for decades across countries and cultures with methods and techniques used by top horsemen and horsewomen. From circuses to shows, movies to colt starting, Liberty is distinct for it’s ability to highlight the physical and mental ability of horses to work completely at liberty – free of all tack and equipment. 

Until the ILHA, there has never been an organized effort to unite Liberty trainers and exhibitors everywhere, recognize Liberty as its own discipline, or showcase different levels and styles of Liberty training. The ILHA now exists to celebrate and advance Liberty as a discipline by creating shows and competitions to bring Liberty trainers, competitors, enthusiasts, and horses together for the benefit and promotion of this unique and exciting discipline. 

The first International Liberty Horse Championships will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY on October 18-20, 2019. We will see you there!